Safety is and always will be first at J. Bathe. Team members regularly participate in OSHA training sessions and keep safety top priority when on the job.

New Construction
Whether you measure it in terms of time, materials, size or budget, every new construction project is unique. At J. Bathe, we strive to match our staff members’ talents to your projects needs. The result – a successful completion both parties can be proud of.

Tenant Finish
In today’s real estate environment, once you’ve reached a decision to relocate or remodel, you want a contractor you can depend on to deliver on time and on budget. J. Bathe has the experience, knowledge and talent to deliver your dream space each and every time.

As medical technology advances, so too must the facilities that use it. J. Bathe prides itself in working closely with hospital staff and their equipment vendors to make sure all of your electrical systems are up to speed.

Service Upgrades
As business grows, so must your company’s electronic infrastructure. Whether it’s a simple panel replacement on an entire system upgrade, J. Bathe is prepared to meet your business needs during the work day or even after hours.